Anthropology, etc.

Why Work? – Bob Black
Useful Work vs. Useless Toil – William Morris
The Right To Be Lazy– Paul Lafargue
In Praise of Idleness – Bertrand Russell
Marx and Darwin – Anton Pannekoek
Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State – Friedrich Engels
Mutual Aid – Piotr Kropotkin
The Part Played By Labour in the Transition From Ape To Man – Friedrich Engels
Hunting, Gathering and Co-Operating – World Socialist Movement
Is Socialism Against ‘Human Nature’ ? – World Socialist Movement
Ancient Society – Lewis Henry Morgan
Wage Labor and Capital – Marx
Value, Price and Profit – Marx
What are the myths of capitalist economics? – an Anarchist FAQ
Anarchism and Anarcho-capitalism – An Anarchist FAQ
The ‘Free Market’ Debunked
The “Economic Calculation “ Controversy: Unravelling of a Myth – R. Cox
Marxism: Making Sense Out of Economic Nonsense: The Four Factors of Production
The Market system must go – WSM
Marxian Economics (chapters 14-19) – New Union Party study course
Marxian Economics – WSM
Why capitalism will not collapse – WSM
The power of Money: Debt and Enclosure
Money and Social Justice – Anitra Nelson
Labor Vouchers, Free Access, Etc.
Critique of the Gotha Program – Karl Marx
How Will Goods and Services Be Distributed in a Socialist Society?
Labor-hour and Communist Planning (Note the source)
The Collectivist Wages System (from Conquest of Bread – Kropotkin
Looking Backward – Edward Bellamy (of historical interest –see Chapters 7 & 9)
Work and Pay – (from Roads to Freedom – Russell)
The World As It Could Be Made – (from Roads to Freedom – Russell)
Consumption and Exchange – (from What Is Communist Anarchism? – Berkman)
Labor Time Vouchers: Individual Incomes in a Socialist Economy by Mike Lepore
Labor Time Vouchers: Arguments For and Against by Mike Lepore
Social Organisation – (from Workers’ Councils: 1. The Task – Pannekoek)
Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution
Fifteen Questions About Socialism – DeLeon
Labor Time Vouchers – (from The People, SLP.1991)
Bakunin – Ethics:The Immorality of the State
Dietzgen – Ethics of Social Democracy
Kautsky – Ethics and the Materialist Conception of History
E. Belfort Bax – The Ethics of Socialism (and there’s more by him on this in MIA)
Lukacs – Tactics and Ethics
Ethical Marxism – L Wilde
Social Morals and Ethics Of Nature – Dario Padovan
Four Reasons for Humanistic Psychologists to Advocate Anarchism
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific – Engels
Anti-Duehring – Engels
Ethics: Origin and Development – Kropotkin
Toward a Liberatory Democratic Ethics – Takis Fotopoulos
Gender Issues
Women’s Suffrage and the Class Struggle – Rosa Luxemburg
The Traffic in Women – Emma Goldman
Woman Suffrage – Emma Goldman
The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation – Emma Goldman
Marriage and Love – Emma Goldman
Let’s Talk About Sex – James Hutchings
Mass Media – Whose Media? – Class War Federation ( UK )
Women’s Freedom – Worker’s Solidarity Federation ( South Africa )
Woman in the Future (from Woman Under Socialism) – August Bebel
The Woman Question – Edward and Eleanor Marx Aveling
Marxist/Materialist Feminism – Martha Gimenez
Marxism and Class, Gender and Race: Rethinking the Trilogy – Matha Gimenez
The Woman Question – Paul Lafargue
Theory of Sexual Politics – Kate Millett
The Left and the Fight for Women’s Liberation – Aileen O’Carroll
Projections of Future Society
Socialist Reconstruction of Society – Daniel DeLeon
Collectives, Co-Operatives and the IWW
Fields, Factories and Workshops – Kropotkin

Socialism as a Practical Alternative – Socialist Party (of Great Britain)

From Capitalism to Socialism: How we live and how we could live – Socialist Party (of Great Britain)

Socialism As It Was Always Meant To Be (Parecon)
Can Participatory Economics Really Tame Market Relations?
The self organsing moneyless society
Building a new world from the bottom up
Intentional Communities
The Guide to communal living in Britain : an FAQ – Diggers and Dreamers:
Post-Autistic Economics Network
Demarchy: A democratic alternative to electoral politics
War, Wars and Peace
The Coming War with Iraq, WiC statement, 2003
War Is the Health of the State – Randolph Bourne
War Is a Racket – Smedley Butler
Capitalism Means War! – Daniel DeLeon
The Socialist Party and War – SP(GB)
Some Remarks on the War Spirit – Paul Goodman
War! (Alexander Berkman – What Is Anarchist Communism? Chapter 6)
Some Reflections on the Events Which Currently Shake Iraq 2005 (ICG)
No War But the Class War Comic
The IWW’s Position on War and Militarism
The War: Capitalism Does It Again – (World Socialist Movement)
The Iraq Mess – (Socialist Labor Party of America )
Without Our Brain and Muscle – (Workers’ Solidarity Alliance )

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