Anarcha-Feminist Gathering in Kiev – GNMP 2014


For the 24th to 28th of april 2014 the 3rd “good night macho pride”
anarcha-feminist gathering is announced to take place in kiev, ukraine.
At the gathering will be theoretical and practical discussions related
to anarchist and feminist topics such as relations and way of talking in
groups, how to deal with insultings, consciousness of sexist behaviour
and preventation against burnout. Beneath that it is a good option to
get in touch with other anarcha-feminist groups and activists.
One important point will be presentations about anarcha-feminism and
gender related topics in the anarchist movement in the former USSR.
Another is the exchange of experiences and strategies to overcome

If you plan to participate, write to until the 1st of
April, so that activist@s can plan the event.

More details in Russian:
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