Prague Anarchist Bookfair – program, video etc.

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2. Prague Anarchist Bookfair – invitation, video and a call for participation

Prague second anarchist bookfair is taking place on April 19.-20th. The main topic for the bookfair is „how could anarchists contribute to current massive social revolts?“

<p><a href=”″>2. anarchistický festival knihy v Praze / 2nd Prague Anarchist Bookfair</a> from <a href=””>Anarchistick&yacute; festival knihy</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Video invitation here:

There are many international guests from revolting countries coming to bookfair. Their lectures are taking place both days of the bookfair since 12 till 19 o´clock. List of lectures + annotations follows below. All lectures are in English.

On Saturday evening the party with a couple of bands – First World Problem (, Friend Crush ( and Still Breathing ( and a Djs is taking place at the venue.

Throughout both days anarcho-folk interprets would perform right between the books. Couple of workshops is also taking place throughout the day.

Included in the program is also guided Prague anarchist history walk.

International distributions and publishers are welcome – get in touch beforehand at

Looking foward to see you in Prague! All info in English is being updated here:


Peter Gelderloos (USA/Spain) – The struggle for the streets of Barcelona

In the last few years, Barcelona has experienced an explosion of self-organized activity in the streets, with general strikes, plaza occupations, assemblies, hospital occupations, transport and student strikes, eviction resistance, and riots. Anarchists have debated about the role they should play within these struggles, and employed different practices to encourage practices of self-organization and prevent the recuperation of these movements by political parties. A comrade from Barcelona will speak about some of the successes and failures in this process.

Anarchist from Ukraine – Ukraine uprasing in the eyes of anarchists

Group of anarchists from Kyiev would talk and discuss on the recent events at Ukraine, analyse pros and cons, discuss the role or Pravij Sector, Putin and Russia etc.

Adina (Bosnia) – Role of anarchism in Bosnian uprising

After 20 years of total silence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, flame of social uprising was ignited. In February began protests that last longer than a month and experiments with direct democracy. Till today nationally divided B&H society united in the class solidarity. Protest movement today is in critical stage – in one hand it’s under police repression, charges of

terrorism which take protesters in police stations every week and media propaganda and in other hand is NGOisation of part of movement and internal conflicts between peaceful protesters and protesters who don’t want to stay silent and ignore police violence.

CrimethInc (USA) – Anarchism and the New Global Revolts

From Brazil to Ukraine and Bosnia, rebellion is expanding in both exciting and frightening directions. What common threads connect the occupied squares and torched police cars? A rogue operative from the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective returns to Europe to offer reflections on anarchy in the new era of global revolt! This dynamic presentation will explore today’s global uprisings in relation to policing, citizenship, and democracy. As economic crises necessitate ever wider policing, what new opportunities for revolt will arise? As conflicts over nationality and migration intensify, what alternatives can we present to liberal notions of citizenship? As trust in government erodes, what visions can anarchists offer beyond representative democracy? Our struggles must spread narratives and tactics that contest the legitimacy of these forces – and the future of freedom hangs in the balance.

Anarchist Black Cross Belaruss – Presentation on the book „Going to Magadan“

Anarchist prisoner Ihar Alinevich was kidnapped by plaincloth cops in Moscow and illegally extradited to Belarus, where he was imprisoned for 8 years with incrimination in group hooliganism and intentional destruction of property. In 2013 the book “On the Way to Magadan” compiled of essays from his prison letters was released. Magadan is the city on the far East of Russia which during Stalin times was a major transit point for political prisoners sent to labor camps. Uhar Alinevich is making some comparisons of the prison conditions and his own state between Belarus and Magadan.

International ABC collective – Global week of sildarity with political prisoners

Opening speech „Why to start and what to do?“ and discussion about a global week of solidarity with anarchist political prisoners, which is taking place on 23-30 August 2014

Support-group Solidarity Against Repression Vienna – Criminalization of refugee protests in the broader context

In Austria there is a trial going on against eight people accused of being part of a criminal organization of „human smuggling.“ Some of the accused were involved in the refugee-movement Vienna, they were arrested end of July 2013, after big protests against the deportation of several activists of the refugee-movement. Since then they have been imprisoned, in March 2014 the trial has started.

This trial is a criminalization, not only of a strong anti-racist movement, but of all undocumented border-crossings. The lecture will inform about this ongoing trial in Vienna and bring it to a broader context of repression against social movements, racism, criminalization of migration and the fight for freedom of movement.

Panel discussion on the main topic of the bookfair („how could anarchists contribute to current massive social revolts?“) with Peter Gelderloos, CrimethInc, Adina from Bosnia and anarchist from Ukraine

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