IWW Hamburg/Neupack Verpackungen GmbH Email Campaign

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How you can help striking German factory workers with a couple of clicks

Workers of Neupack Verpackungen GmbH – a German Manufacturer of wrapping materials with factories in Hamburg and Rotenburg – are on strike for better working conditions and a labor agreement. They complain about unequal and generally low wages and an arbitrary and disrespectful management style. Even though they struggle for many weeks now, the company’s proprietors show hardly any willingness to make concessions. They have hired foreign strikebreakers and attack the striking workers with disciplinary warnings, dismissals and offence reports.
The German IWW supports the workers’ cause and asks you to show them some international support as well.
We have prepared some pre-formulated and addressed e-mails, which can be generated with a mouse click. They go to selected customers of Neupack, political and economic representatives, some churches, a campaign site for fair food, a temp agency that has been accused of providing strike breakers, the press, some neighbours and of course to Neupack’s proprietors.
To participate in this campaign for English speakers, follow this link: http://www.iww-hamburg.org/index.html#english
The pre-formatted emails will be available by clicking the appropriate links for each recipient.
For German speakers, the German language version of the same campaign and links is here: http://www.iww-hamburg.org/
The emails are readily customizable. Please let the recipient know where you are writing from so that they understand that word of Neupack’s actions extends across borders.

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