Tattoo Circus is coming to Berlin – 7-9.9.12

Tattoo Circus is coming to town!
September 2012 in Berlin

Tattoo Circus is a DIY-organized festival against repression and imprisonment and for the support of prisoners.
Even though this year marks the first Tattoo Circus event in Berlin, the idea isn‘t new! After the first Tattoo Circus took place 2007 in Rome, activists from Barcelona, London, Thessaloniki and Zaragoza (just to mention a few cities) took on the concept. Meanwhile, thousands of people have participated, and today they gaze at those parts of their bodies with which they supported those people who can‘t be among us.
The idea behind this solidarity event is to create a gateway between self expression and political engagement. Tattoo Circus creates a space where tattoo culture and the fight against imprisonment and repression will come together. Several tattoo artists will provide their time, experience, creativity and as much ink as possible, in order to support this struggle and to become a part of it. The principle of the Tattoo Circus is that nobody earns anything from this event -neither the tattooists, nor the piercers, the bands, performers or speakers will work for their own profit. All supporters provide their knowledge, energy and resources because of political conviction and solidarity, with the awareness that the complete proceeds will get to those people who fight with determination against the state and capitalism. As opposed to some established conventions, the Tattoo Circus takes place in an non competitive, non-commercial and non-elitary atmosphere. By putting the emphasis on solidarity, cooperation and participation, we help those who fight for another world.
Every euro will go to structures supporting prisoners and the Anti-Prison-Fight! During the Tattoo Circus event there will be information provided about the cases of each comrade. The Tattoo Circus won‘t limit itself to the tattoo culture! A rich programme is being prepared, that will engage itself in various forms with the topics of prison and repression, and that will invite to participate. There will be lectures, workshops, readings, exhibitions, info points about prisoners, as well as a mail corner to communicate with the detainees and the first anti-prison film festival! Entertainment will also be provided by arts performances, theatre, concerts, and there will also be food and a bar.
We cordially invite everybody to join, help and enrich this project.
Because the strength of our resistance also measures itself with the solidarity to our detained comrades!
For a society without prisons and repression! For a world without rulers!
The preparatory committee
Pay attention to more information!
If you want to participate or have any ideas on how to enrich the programme contact us:

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