Demo: Support the Quebec students’ movement – no to police violence!

Support the students’ movement in Quebec! Stop the violent police repression! Demonstrate outside the Canadian High Commission to denounce police attacks on Quebecois students! 17:30-19:00, 16 May, 1 Grosvenor Square London W1K 4AB.
The Quebecois students’ movement has been engaged in an all-out student strike for 12 weeks, against a 75% increase in tuition fees.
Demonstrations, occupations, walk-outs and blockades have been taking place across Quebec since February, in protest against the Charest government’s plan to make students pay radically more for their education.
The students, organised in the coalition CLASSE, have made a counter-proposal to the government: cut management pay, and tax the rich and big business to fund free education.
The sustained action of the students has brought the government to the negotiating table – but the movement has also suffered violent police repression.
Police have repeatedly attacked demonstrations, and last week at a protest in Victoriaville, students Maxence Valade, 20 and Alexandre Allade, 20, were seriously wounded by police. Valade lost an eye and both are still in hospital with potentially fatal head injuries.
Join the protest called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts at the Canadian High Commission on Wednesday to show your support for the Quebecois student movement.
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