CALL for Baltic Anarchist Meeting 2012 @ Tallin

> This may be spread openly.
> On the 25th to 27th of May, the first Baltic Anarchist Meeting will take
> place in Tallinn, at the social center Ülase12. We foremost hope to
> meet anarchists from the region around the Baltic Sea, both individual
> activists and representatives of organizations / groups, but of course,
> guests from other regions are welcomed aswell.
> The programme and participants remain to be clarified, but we are
> planning lectures, panel discussions and some entertainment. The goal is
> to exchange experiences and improve co-operation between anarchists in
> the Baltic region.
> During the same time (May 25 – 28) the spring session of the NATO
> Parliamentary Assembly takes place in Tallinn. Due to this, some
> NATO-critical discussions and a demonstration are also planned
> We ask all organizations and groups who wish to participate, and in
> general, everyone who would like to add something of their own to our
> schedule, to contact us via e-mail:
> The programme and the participants will be published during the next few
> months.

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