Greece These Days – Updates

50,000 people in Syntagma tonight
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

According to corporate media and blogs, about 50,000 people participated in the rally in Syntagma Square. Thousands of people still there at the moment. Earlier the rally surrounded the parliament and a lot of demonstrators blockaded the gates. According to corporate media, police hesitated to attack to the people who blockaded the entries out of fear for riots from such a large crowd of people. So several MPs who had been trapped in the parliament had to leave the building from the back door through the national garden, while others had to leave the parliament after midnight, when the gates were not blockaded any more. People who noticed the ‘escaping’ MPs start chanting ‘thieves!’ ‘thieves!’. Earlier, professors of the University of Athens gave public speeches on the Propylea of the university in front of thousands people, supporting the rally of Syntagma. The speakers and the crowd marched from Propylea to Syntagma and merged with the ongoing rally there, while the people’s assembly of Syntagma Sq. carried on for seventh night.

Greek government spokesman attacked with yoghurt and eggs in Argyroupoli, Athens
Thursday, June 2, 2011

UPDATE, 22.15 GMT+2 Petalotis has fled from the side entrance; a big crowd of people is still outside, chanting.

The greek government spokesman, Giorgos Petalotis, was scheduled to speak at a party event at Alexoupoleos street in Argyroupoli, Athens tonight. He was attacked with yoghurt and eggs by approximately fifty people who had gathered at the building’s entrance. Riot police arrived swiftly, detaining some of the protestors (video below). At the time of writing (22.00 GMT+2) Petalotis is still in the building and the people gathered outside are now in the many hundreds.

More information as it comes.

Resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square – 2nd June 2011
Friday, June 3, 2011

[this is an informal translation]

Now it’s us that shall talk! Call for a paneuropean uprising on 5th of June

Since 25th of May, thousands of citizens have filled the squares of the whole country, claiming to take our lives into our hands. We have different ideological backgrounds, but what unites us is the indignation for all that is happening, and also our desire for justice, equality and dignity. We are different, but we are and will stay all together united!

At the same time, similar mobilizations take place everywhere in Europe. On Sunday 5th of June we coordinate our pace and meet at 6 pm at Syntagma Square, and all the squares of the country, and everywhere in Europe. Our voice needs to be heard loudly everywhere:

-because whole peoples cannot be sacrificed in order for the lenders not to have losses – the debt is not ours and we will not pay it,

-because this political system which makes poor people poorer and rich people richer, cannot anymore decide for us without us, and has to be subverted,

-because we want to live with dignity from our work, without the constant terrorism of unemployment,

-because all those that looted the common wealth must be punished,

-because public and free health and education are inalienable rights of all,

-because the “Medium-term Program” must not pass.

The organized misinformation does not scare us. We will stay in the squares until all those that created today’s dead-end go away and do not come back with a different mask: IMF, “Memorandum”, Troika, governments, banks and all those that exploit us. We will go on demonstrating united and collectively until “Ταραχή να πέσει στον Άδη, και το σανίδωμα να υποχωρήσει από την πίεση τη μεγάλη του ήλιου”


Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square – 2 June 2011


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