Conference of European Anarkismo organizations in London

On the weekend of 26-27 February 2011, delegates representing organizations from the UK, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Italy met to discuss how they could work more closely together.

The second conference of European Anarkismo organizations involved Liberty & Solidarity, the Workers Solidarity Movement, Alternative Libertaire, Libertære Socialister, Counter Power, Libertäre Aktion Winterthur, the Organisation Socialiste Libertaire and the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici, an increase on the number of participants at last year’s conference in Paris. This year’s international meeting agreed to set up a Coordination Committee to structure and promote interaction between the groups, a basic platform around trade union issues, and several other items.

The Anarkismo project is based primarily around the international website run by class-struggle anarchists and libertarian socialists from across the world, with participation from as far afield as Brazil and Canada. Over time the project has gradually developed into a political alliance around the way our organizations seek to involve ourselves in broader mass organisations, what is often known as dual-organisationalism, “platformism” or especifism depending on what part of the globe you hail from.

This conference represents a great step forward for the Anarkismo member organizations within Europe and should set up a solid basis for joint industrial work, aiming to bring workplace activists across Europe together in powerful industrial unions. We also established the premise for a joint campaign against sovereign debt, taking up the slogan “We won’t pay for their crisis nor their debts, let’s get our wealth back”. Such a campaign should serve to bring our organisations closer together through joint activity and allow for anarchist politics to reach an ever-broader audience.

European Coordination Committee
Anarkismo European Coordination

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