May Day, Mayday!

It’s that time of year again, when workers observe a day on which they can put the focus on themselves and their entire class, their brothers and sisters all around the world. Below are a few of the events for the International Workers’ Day/May Day this year. If you have any information on others, feel free to send them as comments to this post, and even post them top the World in Common Yahoo group.

In any case, mark the occasion in some appropriate way, as your circumstances allow, and let us know!

Midlands Discussion Forum- Birmingham (uk) – 1.5.10

Edmonton (Canada) May Day 2010 Rally and March

Warsaw (Poland) 1st of May

London, (uk) – 1.5.10 – Italian Workers’ Struggles in the 1970s

Iowa City, Iowa, (usa) 1.5.10 Workers in Rebellion: A May Day Event

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5 Responses to May Day, Mayday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nijmegen, Nederland 1.5.10, Canada 1.5.10

  2. Anonymous says:

    Providence, RI usa 1.5.10

  3. Anonymous says:

    Belfast, N. Ireland 1.5.10

  4. Anonymous says:

    Melbourne, Australia 1.5.10

  5. Anonymous says:

    Grand Rapids, Michigan usa 1.5.10

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