Dead Man Hanging

I hadn’t realised that John B’s old ‘A Revolutionary Act‘ blog has now morphed into ‘Class Warfare‘ containing, as before, “musings, articles and sundry postings of a Geordie class warrior, adhering to the Orwellian maxim: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

Coming across as a milder Ian Bone (and better for it IMO) Class Warfare contains a brilliant mix of detourned images and bottom-up working-class political commentary that is well worth a read.

A recent post examines the case of miner Wil Jobling, the last man in England (along with James Cook) to be ‘gibbeted‘ in 1832. Now Jarrow Community Area Forum has won the right to create a memorial to Jobling who many think was made a scapegoat and wrongly accused of the murder of a local magistrate. The description of his and Cook’s tarring, hanging and subsequent public display of their bodies reminds me of the brilliant passage in Foucault’s Discipline and Punish describing a public execution in France which, to this day, I still use in my Sociology classes to illustrate how punishment has changed over time.

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