Ecosocialist International – Further Details


This meeting is a very preliminary first step: we will get to know each other, establish a provisional organizing committee for an Ecosocialist International Network, and begin discussions of projects and activities. Our main goal will be to set a time, place and preliminary agenda for a larger meeting in 2008, at which we hope there will be broad participation from green-left activists around the world.

It will not be an educational event or an academic conference. It is an organizing meeting for people who want to improve communication and coordination among ecosocialist activists around the world.

Please Note: To ensure that there is sufficient time for discussion and networking, we have arranged for the meeting to carry over to a second day.

The meeting will be held during the day on Sunday October 7, 2007, and in the morning of Monday October 8, 2007. We plan to begin at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.

The meeting will convene Sunday morning in salle Franklin, 60 rue Franklin, Métro mairie de Montreuil. (That’s the Town Hall of Montreuil, which is on the eastern edge of Paris.)

The Monday morning session will be held in the National Assembly building in Paris.

The following is a provisional agenda, subject to amendment by the participants:

• Introduction and Welcome by members of the Convening Committee.

• Self-introduction of participants.

• Discussion of common initiatives for the coming year, including communications, creation of a multilingual ecosocialist website, use of existing journals, etc.

• Discussion of a Second Ecosocialist Manifesto. Selection of a subcommittee to write a draft for international circulation and discussion.

• Discussion of objectives, date and location for a larger Ecosocialist conference in 2008.

• Election of a coordinating secretariat whose main task will be to organize the next Conference.

Who Can Attend:
The meeting is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the work of improving communication and coordination among ecosocialist activists around the world. If you plan to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Email ecosocialism[at]gmail[dot]com

There is no registration or admission fee. We may ask for voluntary contributions to defray some costs.

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