Dawkins as sex symbol?

This YouTube video of a talk Dawkins gave at a women’s college in the US has women in the audience whooping and screaming in adulation. What next, people proclaiming Dawkins is more important than Jesus?

Seriously though there’s some interesting stuff in there on morality and athiesm/agnosticism as a social movement, and the compatibility (or otherwise) of science and religion, and to be fair Dawkins comes across as a lot less abrasive and aggressive than some of his detractors claim. I haven’t read enough of the so-called ‘New Atheism’ (Dawkins, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett being its principle spokespersons) to offer an informed opinion myself, but I’d have to agree with Phil Burton-Cartledge writing in his Sociology blog when he says “We cannot grasp the pull of religious ideas without simultaneously being aware of the real, historical existence of the people who adhere to them.” Dogmatism of any kind (socialist, anarchist, atheist, religious) makes this extremely difficult.

(the video is long, clocking in at around 70 mins)

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3 Responses to Dawkins as sex symbol?

  1. “This YouTube video of a talk Dawkins gave at a women’s college in the US has women in the audience whooping and screaming in adulation”.Sounds like what happened to Foucault when he went to the states. Will we find Dawkins frequenting the San Fran bath houses?

  2. Jools says:

    Phil, as a Sociologist you probably have a theory as to why our ‘public intellectuals’ are revered in places like the US and virtually ignored here at home. I suppose the nearest thing we have to Foucault is somebody like Monbiot who seems to have quite a high profile here and abroad. Not that I’m a big fan of ‘public intellectuals’ but it would be nice to have a few more of them who spoke our language (bombs to throw at authority to misquote somebody probably very badly).

  3. Ned Swing says:

    Dawkins pisses me of. I jumped to read this cos I thought it said “Dworkin as sex symbol” for a second. Now that would be a lark.-Ned Swing

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