Britain 3.1 – 2.5 Germany

No, its not a fantasy World Cup final scoreline (with tenths of goals given for near misses obviously), its the respective ‘eco-footprints’ of the two western european states as outlined in a new report by the New Economics Foundation and Open University. According to the report April 16th is the date when Britain goes into ‘ecological debt’ – in other words it starts to live well beyond its environmental means. The report calculates that if the global population consumes at the same current rate as the population in Britain (and enjoys a similar lifestyle), we would need 3.1 planets to sustain it.

The report is scary stuff, following on the heels of yesterday’s warning over accelerating climate change given by government chief scientist Sir David King. As expected, however, its proposed solutions stick within the market-state nexus even if it does recognise the need for greater co-operation and global interdependence on the route to ecological sustainability.

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